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Staff Augmentation

Highly skilled technology consultants and managers are in demand and they are even harder to find. Through our network of consultants, we can provide support from a professional technology resource for various skill sets to aid in project implementation and support. Our USP lies in resources and longstanding relationships with senior consultants who have collaborated with us over the years. Our senior consultants have an average of over 10+ years of experience working in the industry. Each staff augmentation team is led by an Account Manager whose sole task is to communicate clearly and concisely with the customer and consultant. He also ensures all resources required to conduct the services are made available with the client deliverables.

Managed Services

The average 10+ year experience of our consultants helps us to efficiently spot gaps in the current systems and processes, and suggest the required improvements in operations. We work as an extension of your team, providing full resources for running your IT system at a fraction of the overall cost. There are considerable savings by not hiring a full-time team of experts. We offer blended rate pricing models that enable a cost forecast for saving by using us as part of your solution. Some solutions our clients often incline toward are new solutions to maximize the IT system.

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Network Operations Center (NOC) Support

Overview: Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is the central hub ensuring the continuous and optimal performance of your network infrastructure. Staffed with skilled technicians and equipped with advanced monitoring tools, we proactively detect and resolve issues, minimizing downtime and maintaining peak operational efficiency.

Key Services:
● Real-time Network Monitoring
● Incident Management and Resolution
● Performance Optimization Routine Maintenance
● Emergency Response and Escalation
● Reduced Downtime
● Enhanced Network Performance
● Proactive Issue Resolution 24/7 Monitoring and Support

Security Operations Center (SOC) Support

Overview: Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is dedicated to safeguarding your digital assets. With a focus on threat detection, incident response, and continuous security improvement, our SOC team employs cutting-edge technologies to identify and neutralize cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Key Services:

● Threat Monitoring and Detection
● Incident Response and Mitigation
● Vulnerability Management
● Security Awareness Training
● Compliance Management
● Advanced Threat Detection
● Rapid Incident Response
● Improved Security Posture
● Regulatory Compliance & Assurance

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Management Consulting

To retain our stature as an industry leader, we must implement proper management consultation which adds value to the client. The implementation allows us to view the scope within which to approach the parameters of the project. It also helps to show validation of the business case attainment, and gain more feedback or potential improvements.

      ● Constant improvement of operational metrics in date performance, cycle time reduction, inventory, and working capital.
      ● Business case development.
      ● Value Realization benchmarking.
      ● Organizational change management.
      ● Planning and prioritizing operations development of future projects, and developing a proper system to implement in a company standard.

Diagnostic Consulting

We leverage our experience working with various clients to bring in industry best practices perspective to the client IT process/solutions. We help review current IT system implementation and concerning process and technology, and benchmark the solution against market trends and standards.

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Partners in your IT transformation journey