End-to-End Data Protection & Compliance through a
Unified SAP-Native Solution

Leverage ComplyD’s comprehensive visibility in a single dashboard with guiding prompts that enable data protection to keep sensitive data secure. Our unified solution is native to SAP and can be implemented quickly. It can also work with other systems providing data-level security that goes one step further than role-specific controls. Most sensitive data is stored on SAP systems and attacks have shifted from networks to applications. This necessitates more robust data protection. ComplyD empowers organizations to take action to ensure data compliance and stay up to date with evolving regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, HITECH and more. It minimizes the effort to demonstrate compliance.

Swift Compliance Enablement

Based on comprehensive visibility, ComplyD enables organizations to extend our rule book and ensure enterprise-wide data compliance quickly. Protect your organization from hefty million dollar fines due to compliance violations.

  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • CMIA
  • Additional Compliance

DASH Approach to Data Privacy & Protection

DASH entails Discovery, Analyze, Secure and Harden stages for enterprise-wide data protection and compliance.



Discover sensitive data assets at all levels of the organization. As data accumulates and spreads through the organization across networks, remote servers, cloud systems and other endpoints, it becomes challenging to discover and evaluate. ComplyD empowers organizations with comprehensive, real-time visibility of all sensitive data and any vulnerabilities in the enterprise. This is based on our foundational rulebook and you can customize your own rules specifying attributes for sensitive data. Eliminate manual effort for this task with minimal business disruption and extremely high accuracy in identifying sensitive data.


The Discovered gaps for critical Data Elements and sensitive data can be analyzed to identify the requisite measures or controls needed. This empowers clients to proactively protect data from privacy and compliance risks in accordance with regulatory requirements. This minimizes the risk of huge compliance fines in the event of a violation or lack of compliance. Shift your organization from a reactive approach to a proactive stance against vulnerabilities, threats and compliance risks.


Based on the analyze stage’s definition of the approach required to plug any gaps, take steps to secure critical and sensitive data. Mask data and control access to sensitive information to meet compliance regulations. This fortifies and expands your organization’s security perimeter, covering all the potential avenues of unauthorized access that leave sensitive data vulnerable.


Reinforce the shield that protects your sensitive data. Define the controls and mitigations around the identified objects that pose security risks and establish periodic reviews. Implement security measures, controls and policies around the discovered vulnerabilities and Harden the entry points. ComplyD automatically generates a dashboard report with all KPIs for identified and unaddressed vulnerabilities. Review the existing mitigation controls and their approvals periodically.

Key Benefits

One dashboard for comprehensive visibility
Prompts for action to take to protect data & compliance
Intuitive and user-friendly tool
Swift implementation in just days
Pre-defined extensible rulebook
Minimize risk of compliance violations & fines